Integrative Psychotherapy Services
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Group Therapy

The main components of this group will include:

  • Psychoeducation (e.g., what is panic disorder, how often does it occur, why does it develop? etc.)
  • Self-monitoring of symptoms (e.g., structured inventories for understanding your anxiety)
  • Breathing retraining/relaxation techniques (e.g., helping the body to relax during crisis)
  • Cognitive restructuring (e.g., changing the way you think about your anxiety)
  • Exposure therapy (e.g., gradually introducing anxiety-provoking stimuli in a controlled environment to help you become more comfortable in stressful situations

A major element of CBT is reducing the patterns of avoidance that come to control a person's life. Many people with panic and anxiety disorders experience tremendous discomfort in situations they cannot “get out of,” including social gatherings, classrooms, and subway cars. The avoidance of these situations can interfere with the development of academic, professional, and personal goals, and contribute to other mental health issues, including isolation and depression. CBT has been demonstrated in clinical studies to significantly reduce these avoidance-based behaviors and return people to their normal lives and routines.

If you are troubled by experiences of panic or anxiety, please call or e-mail today to set-up an initial evaluation. The group will be limited to 8 people and involve a comprehensive intake to determine whether you would benefit from treatment.