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Emotional Testing

At Life Changes Group, we understand the complex relationship between a child’s learning style and emotional life. By their nature, children are “emotional learners,” and a thorough exploration of their inner world often sheds needed light on a scholastic or social problem. For this reason, we provide comprehensive assessment of emotional functioning using state-of-the-art clinical tools, including self-report questionnaires, parent and teacher inventories, observation, drawing exercises, and projective measures. This information is then shared with parents to construct a picture of the “whole child,” and develop strategies for reducing common childhood and adolescent challenges.

The team at Life Changes Group also offers services for addressing the social/emotional needs of children, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for anxiety, depression, conduct disorders, impulsivity, and ADHD. Working collaboratively with parents, these therapies are tremendously successful at improving self-regulation and self-management skills to support children within the classroom and at home. We also offer consultations with parents to understand the complicated emotional lives of children and adolescents and how to “speak to them so they’ll listen, and listen to them so they’ll speak.” For more information about emotional testing and counseling, please feel free to contact us at (617) 354-4450 or complete our online intake form.