Medication Management

Medication management services at Life Changes Group are offered as part of our commitment to an integrative approach to mental health treatment. There is strong evidence that treatment for many disorders is more effective when it includes psychotherapy, medication management, and a variety of wellness and self-care measures. Medication can be a crucial part of treatment for many people, allowing them to better care for themselves and access skills learned in psychotherapy. We offer psychopharmacology consultations, evaluations, and ongoing management. Clients may already be on medication prescribed by a primary care or other psychiatric prescriber and wishing to consolidate their treatment into one practice, or they may be working with one of our psychologists and interested in finding out if medication might be a helpful part of their treatment.

Medication management for a variety of mental health conditions is available. Anxiety and depressive disorders are the most common reasons for seeking medication services, but we also see clients with ADHD, sleep problems, bipolar disorder, and many other concerns. Clients of all ages are welcome to seek psychopharmacology services at Life Changes Group. Typically, an initial medication consultation or evaluation occurs over the first two visits, which are each 45-60 minutes in length. Follow up visits for medication management are typically 15 or 25 minutes in length. These visits occur every 2-4 weeks at the beginning of treatment and space out to every 4-8 weeks depending on the client’s needs. Clients who are seen for combined medication management and psychotherapy are usually seen for 50 minute sessions weekly, biweekly, or monthly depending on their current needs.

Health promotion is a major component of our psychopharmacology treatment model, and we will discuss your sleep habits, diet, exercise, and patterns of relaxation and recreation on a regular basis. If indicated, lab work requests and referrals to other specialists are made. Prescriptions are provided at visits and may have 1-2 refills authorized depending on the medication and the client’s stage of treatment. Psychostimulants require new prescriptions each month, which may be picked up at our office if visits are not occurring monthly.

The role of psychoactive medication is in supporting an overall healthy, productive, and happy life. Understanding and working with the myriad connections between all the areas of health and wellness is an essential part of effective psychopharmacology. Life Changes Group is glad to be able to offer medication services within the context of our overall integrative approach to psychological health.

Life Changes Group stands with all of the communities affected by COVID-19. We now offer telemedicine to support your behavioral health needs


Telehealth Sessions

Expanding Our Services to Support Your Health

Life Changes Group is proudly expanding our services to support our communities during the COVID-19 health crisis. Our clinicians have been trained in telehealth services to allow our current and new clients to receive the same quality individual counseling and prescription management from the safety of their own homes. Telehealth is covered by all major health insurers and our claims specialists are happy to support you in learning about your coverage and benefits. We conduct a complete telehealth intake session to familiarize you with the format and ensure that our services are the right match for your needs.

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