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Anger Management

Anger management is the process of learning to recognize signs that you are becoming angry and taking action to calm down and deal with the situation in a more constructive way. Anger management does not try to keep you from feeling anger or encourage you to hold it in. Quite the contrary, anger is a normal, healthy emotion when you know how to express it appropriately. Anger management is about learning how to do this.

At Life Changes Group, our skilled clinicians use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques to help clients identify triggering events, recognize the thought process, and control the physical symptoms associated with their anger. Through a stepwise process, clients become more conscious of the situations that drive their anger and more skillful at managing the negative behaviors, such as lashing-out and aggression. In addition, clients leave treatment with a host of evidence-based coping strategies, including diaphragmatic breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and meditation. It is not enough to understand triggers – clients must also learn the process by which they control unwanted emotions.

If you are looking for help with anger management, or other negative emotions, please make an appointment to speak with one of our CBT clinicians.

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